The 'Guardian Angel Farm', a space full of stories to tell

A secular refuge

'The Houses' of Alpedrinha Village

Who goes distracted does not notice this village,  which spreads over the mountain and pulsates full of life.

A village shrouded in mysteries, sacred legends and myths, once named as 'Sintra da Beira'.

It is this village, with its natural beauty and rich heritage, that inspires this project and gives it its name.

We are located at Quinta do Anjo da Guarda

The beauty of Alpedrinha and its characteristics of refuge have been, since distant times, a reason why this Villa was elected the resting place and vacation of the noble families of the region.

Quinta do Anjo da Guarda dates back to those times of yore.

Already in the twentieth century, the current owner family returns life to a part of the farm, with a project oriented to the benefit and use of the local population. We were at the door of the Second World War, when Francisco de Sá Pereira, a medical doctor from Vila de Alpedrinha, hires Architect Keil do Amaral and begins the construction of the project.

There are already 3 generations that take care of this project. The current tourism project is an evolution of a personal vision and willingness to take care of the living heritage of the Village - Customs and People, Tradition and Forest

A family legacy
Valuing Traditions and Costumes
Emphasize Alpedrinha Patrimony
We worship our native forest

A legacy kept alive over several generations

The hockey field, nowdays a tennis court, was the first construction to define new horizons for the use of the farm. This was followed by the spring-water swimming pool (1957), marking the beginning of several generations of happy childhoods. It is in this current century that the tourism aspect starts to gain more emphasis. We are definitely a legacy kept alive over several generations.
The current project has many aspects to unfold, and at the heart of it lays a call for the visitation of the village of Alpedrinha, contributing to its preservation and repopulation.


Quinta do Anjo da Guarda
6230-117 Alpedrinha 




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