Winter Getaway

An alternative roadmap for
the sunny winter days.

We are in the heart of the Beira region and from here we offer you the ideal starting point for discovering the most beautiful landscapes and a vast cultural heritage.

Take unforgettable walks

There are tours for all tastes, from culture and history lovers to nature enthusiasts.

Waking up here on the farm is always a dazzle and throughout the day we witness the entire route of the sun, which when set high in the sky warms us with its rays. We simply feel like enjoying the quiet.

Here in the village of Alpedrinha, the cold has arrived, but the days are warmed by a sun that reminds us that spring comes next.

2 nights 2 Guests

desde €171

Includes bed and breakfast.

2 nights 3 Guests

since €255,75

Includes bed and breakfast.

2 nights 4 Guests

since €279,00

Includes bed and breakfast.

Take unforgettable walks

We may say 'all roads' will give to Alpedrinha. After exploring the beauties of our Villa, be sure to visit the historic villages and the schist villages, so close and equally beautiful and rich in details to discover.

We promise all the tours are wonderful, making you want to stop every 5 minutes for breathing, contemplating and taking pictures.

The perfect rural location for your winter getaway


Quinta do Anjo da Guarda
6230-117 Alpedrinha 




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